Capital Campaign

Using technology to provide the best care possible

You can make a difference in health care in your community.  Help fund a new CT Scanner for Potomac Valley Hospital.

Marc Boucot, CEO MBA

A Note from our CEO

This year we are excited to announce that Potomac Valley Hospital has established a Foundation. The Foundation will serve as the development arm of the hospital, raising funds to continuously improve facilities, equipment, services and programs. With the hospital’s need for improved technology, the Foundation has been tapped to assist in raising funds for a new CT scanner.

Providing the best care requires state of the art equipment and technology. As we’ve worked to improve our service delivery, we’ve found that some of our older equipment has limited our care processes. For example, the current CT scanner is old and while it still performs well to the manufacturer’s specifications, the newest technology available has far outpaced the performance and capabilities of the current CT scanner.

Updated scanner technology will improve the quality of care by dramatically improving the time needed to diagnose conditions, especially in cardiology and vascular patients and stroke victims. On behalf of Potomac Valley Hospital, the staff, and the administration, I thank you for continuing to support the hospital in procuring this important and costly equipment. We are blessed by your support.

Warmest Regards,

Mark Boucot, MBA, FACHE

The Need

Technology drives much of the medical care provided in today’s world. At Potomac Valley Hospital (PVH), the staff is dedicated to providing state of the art care using state of the art technology.

In order to maintain the quality of care provided to all of our patients, the PVH Foundation is raising funds to purchase a new CT scanner. CT scanners provide rapid, 5 to 20-minute exams that are painless and combine the power of an x-ray with computer technology to produce
360-degree, cross sectional views of the human body. CT scans are a valuable tool for diagnostics and are also used in monitoring patient progress during and after treatment. While the hospital’s current scanner meets basic medical standards, it cannot provide the latest technological advances, and it takes much longer to produce a scan than newer, more advanced models.

Newer models vastly outperform the current CT scanner, providing more in-depth, critical information in a much quicker time period. A new CT scanner would enable Potomac Valley Hospital to provide medical staff with the images they need quickly and efficiently. It would also increase the volume of patients served; older scanners require more downtime for repairs and maintenance. That’s time that could be spent diagnosing and following up with the patients receiving care at our community hospital.

The Solution

A new, state-of-the-art scanner would improve patient care and provide greater support to the medical staff. The new scanner would enable staff to:

Grow Cardiology. Expand clinical capabilities not only by catching the bolus when performing TAVI planning, but also by improving contrast media efficiency, introducing highly precise plaque differentiation, and enabling reliable, high-speed triple rule-out scanning.

Grow Pulmonology. Improve chest imaging quality to help diagnose lung conditions and enable staff to complete low dose lung cancer screens for high risk patients in the hospital’s new Pulmonology Program.
Enhance Diagnosis. Positively impact patient care by precisely identifying tumors and implementing improved early detection.

Why we need your support

In an effort to expand and improve the care we are able to provide every patient at Potomac Valley Hospital, we need to continually improve the technology we use. Critical equipment upgrades are costly and can put a financial strain on hospital operations. With the support of the community, we can provide better care.